5 Signs That You Need to Start Looking for a New Event Management App

Let’s face it. Technology is ever-changing and if your software provider does not adapt quickly enough, they simply lose edge over emerging products. For this very reason, you should know when it’s time to jump ship and seek out a newer, better solution for your event management needs. Here are five signs that you may have to start detaching yourself from your legacy software and start on a new research for a new event app:

  1. You only use few components of the event management Android app.

An event management Android app may cost you a lot of money depending on the integrated functions it has. For this reason, it is important that you tap its full potential and use all associated components whenever possible. The application may be used for various processes in event planning such as registration, meetings management, budget management, and venue management. If your current event managment app limits you to only a few of these functions, then it is not considered a good investment.

There are a lot of event management software providers who specialise on two to three components while falling short on others. You may only realised this after spending considerable time using the application.

To prevent this pitfall when making software choices, try to use a free trial period or have the provider do live demos. You will need to have firsthand knowledge on how the application works in its entirety before you finalise your decision.

  1. The event management app for iPad provider locks you in.

When you purchased your current event management app for iPad, did the software provider prod you to sign up for a long-term contract? This is a trap that event organisers should be aware of. One to two years sounds reasonable since you may save more money this way. But signing service agreements good for three to five years is counterproductive to your goal of using a highly functional event management app.

As already mentioned, technology is always evolving. Your provider’s performance when you signed a deal with them may not always be sustainable and this will lead to frustration later on. The next time you are researching for an event management software, try to commit for shorter periods. If you are still satisfied with them, then just renew the contract.

  1. Customer support is very poor.

One pillar of customer support is availability. If you have noticed that communicating with your event management app provider has become difficult, this means that they may be having internal struggles as a company that has ultimately led to poor customer service. There is no reason for you to stay if they cannot address your concerns. Their team should always be available for your queries, no matter how small they are.

One way for you to gauge a company’s customer service is by raising enquiries during your research. Check the language that they use when replying to your emails and see if they can get back to you promptly. If a company cannot provide proper customer support upon initiation, chances are they’d fail in this aspect when you have finally become their customer.

  1. The learning curve is too steep when training team members with the mobile event management app.

Ease of use should be one of the qualifications that you should be looking for when investing in a mobile event management app. One sign of an outdated software is that it becomes more difficult to use over time. Since your team members will have to use the event management app, observe how long it takes them to fully learn the functions of the software. Is the learning curve too steep that it would take a full week to train your staff? Some companies would even charge you more money to do live demos when this should be a free service.

  1. The application cannot be integrated with other solutions.

Lastly, an event management app should have integration capabilities with other solutions. Events technologies continually cross paths today as they lead to the same goal — to make your life as an event organiser easier. If you realise that your current event management app provider does not want to connect with other solutions, then that is a sign of stagnation. The best event management software is scalable and can be easily applied to any setup that you already have.

While those five signs are very specific, you can simply ask yourself two more questions to help you with decision making: Am I still happy with this event management app? Do the good points overweigh the bad? This will help you arrive at the most suitable event app.